hi i'm kacper ochmański

and i do web development

and web design as well

this (mine) website is very (VERY) real and you know it is because it actually is because it is and that is reality obviously you do not have to believe me but since i am authentic the website is authentic as well because it is mine and also the font is big and it fills this website so it is real not not-real and since font fills the whole website you can be sure that what i am trying to say is true there are no commas or dots and everything is in lower case and i am listening to the slow rush so there is a sense of scarcity in regards to words and repetitions and realness it is probably boring to you but being boring is authentic by the way basier square font is filling mywebstdsaettj2=!t1fdki@5wtWu

see? i told you it is real and you know it is because it actually is

i am not sure if you are still reading this but if you are then you are probably bored and that is good because being bored is authentic and i am authentic and this website is authentic and you know it is because it actually is

did you like it?

this is what social media feels like

writing there is a bit overwhelming

sure, there are cool people and lots of knowledge

but if you really just want to write and be consistent

it's hard to stay true in the cycle of constant fake-it-till-you-make-it folks

that are soooooo much better than you in every possible way

i struggle(d) with procrastination and consistency in the past

but i think i finally build a way to write and publish consistently in a non-bullshit environment

give cybertext.blog a try and let me know what you think

it's a bit cringe to promote my own stuff like this

but i think it's really worth it

and i think you will like it if you are trying to build consistency

and avoid disctractions

either way, thanks for reading this far

into my stupid website (and you know it is) and have a great day :)